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Internet users are constantly faced with various problematic situations, such as fraud, phishing platforms, deception, the threat of data loss and much more. This is a serious problem, as ill-willed people can steal your money or obtain personal information and further blackmail you. This is also a problem on the darknet.exists and in some ways it is even more serious, since in case of any problems you will not have the opportunity to turn to the police or other service for help.

What does kraken3 recommend to improve security on the darknet?

First, you must become invisible to other users. Here a special program will help you, which is called the onion browser, and its real name is TOP. You can download TOR anywhere, it is a legal VPN browser. The next point worth paying attention to is that on the darknet you cannot show who you really are. That's why You should come up with a pseudonym; you cannot enter any personal data, card numbers or anything else that is in any way connected with your personality. Don’t forget about the area in which you access the darknet and visit the KRAKEN website. You should not go online in public places or where there are external surveillance cameras.